Pawzitive Assurance for Your Peace of Mind

Because your beloved fur companion deserves the best, Pawzpurr™ makes sure they receive lifelong care, love and security when you pass away.

Pet Trust & Pet Care Planning - Pawzpurr™

Lifetime Pet Care Guaranteed

For most of us, pet ownership is about more than having a fur companion. Our pets become an important and much-loved member of our family. We buy them birthday gifts, turn our backyards into paw paradise, give them spa treatments and take them on vacations – we go to great lengths for their happiness, well-being and comfort. And the thought of suddenly leaving them is absolutely heart-wrenching.

Just like you, we’d do anything for our pets.

We’re Pawzpeople, Too
- So We Understand You

Our Furever After Plan™ is an affordable, comprehensive placement and financial security plan that allows Pawzpurr™ members to remain in control of what happens to their fur family when they pass away.  We have an advisory board, including veterinary experts, who make decisions regarding care plans.

Pawzpurr™ handles monthly food, medical, toys, play and other lifetime needs of your pet through a simple and efficient process upon your death. In this way, we help you gain peace of mind, knowing your pets will continue to enjoy life to the fullest after you’re gone.

Dog Trust & Dog Care Planning - Pawzpurr™

What Happens to Your Pet if You Die?

If you pass away without a Furever After Plan™, your pets may end up in a shelter, abandoned or worse, euthanized. Rest easy knowing your beloved fur companion lives a healthy and happy life, no matter the circumstance.

How a Pawzpurr™
Furever After Plan™ Works

Creating your custom Furever After Plan™ takes only three steps:

Pet Trust & Pet Care Planning - Pawzpurr™
Online Membership Application

Fill out the online membership application with the necessary details about you and your pet.

Pet Trust & Pet Care Planning - Pawzpurr™
Create Your Furever After Plan™

Detail your wishes on the pet care assurance plan and secure your payment.

Pet Trust & Pet Care Planning - Pawzpurr™
Secure Your Pet’s Future

Find reassurance that your fur family will be loved and cared for throughout their lives.

*A licensed veterinarian must be identified upon joining Pawzpurr™ and when pet care is transferred to your chosen caretaker. A Pawzpurr™ representative will validate the veterinarian’s clinic prior to care being obtained, as the clinic will be required to accept Pawzpurr™ pet medical coverage for veterinary expenses.

Your Dedicated Pawzpurr™ Shepherd

Pawzpurr™ assigns you a Shepherd, a representative who will maintain communication and facilitate a smooth transfer of ownership and ongoing support for your pet’s new caretaker once you pass away.

The Pawzpurr™ Shepherd will play a key role for both the Pawzpurr™ member and caregiver.

Pet Trust & Pet Care Planning - Pawzpurr™

The Caregiver Engagement Process

Upon the pet owner’s death, Pawzpurr takes ownership of the pet and facilitates the pet's ongoing care through the designated caretaker.

Pet Trust & Pet Care Planning - Pawzpurr™
Set Up Caretaker Account

A welcome email will be sent to the new caregiver within 24 hours of being notified of a member’s death. Within one week, the caregiver would be asked to provide necessary information to the Shepherd and set up the caretaker account.

Pet Trust & Pet Care Planning - Pawzpurr™
Regular Check-Ins With the Shepherd

The Pawzpurr Shepherd will conduct regular check-ins with the caretaker via email or phone. This occurs quarterly, bi-annually and annually to make sure the pet is well taken care of. The caregiver will be requested to send videos and pictures indicating the pet’s health and wellness.

Pet Trust & Pet Care Planning - Pawzpurr™
Continuity of Care

Our Pawzpurr team remains responsible for the pet's happiness, well-being and security for the rest of its life. We will maintain consistent communication with the caregiver and provide ongoing support to make sure the pet is being sufficiently cared for.

Our Lifelong Pet Care Commitment

Your Pet’s Next Chapter, Secured

Legal Documentation

Pawzpurr provides legally binding documentation guaranteeing the seamless transition of your pet's care when you pass away. Giving you confidence knowing your pet’s future is secured based on your wishes.

Continuity of Care

The Furever After Plan involves establishing legal arrangements, designating a caregiver and providing detailed care instructions and financial support. By taking these steps, you can rest assured your fur family will continue to live a comfortable life after your passing.

Regular Check-Ins

Pawzpurr assigns a Shepherd to do quarterly and annual check-ins with your pet’s caregiver. This involves asking for photos and videos as proof of health. Doing regular check-ins will allow us to make sure your pet’s best interests are always the top priority.

Contingency Plan

Suppose all of your designated caregivers die or cannot fulfill their responsibilities. In that case, Pawzpurr will find an alternate loving home to care for your pet and will continue to honor the Pawzpurr Commitment for your pet's entire life.

Monthly Benefits

A monthly stipend will be provided to the caregiver to cover your pet’s ongoing expenses, including food, grooming and other essentials to make sure they receive proper care and nutrition.

Dog Trust & Dog Care Planning - Pawzpurr™

How Much Does a Furever After Plan Cost?

Creating a Furever After Plan includes:

  • $25 one-time membership fee
  • $45 monthly fee
  • $15 per pet added to the plan


Member Benefits: 

After your passing, the caretaker, of your choosing, will receive a $150 monthly stipend for all your pet’s needs for the rest of their lives. Plus, up to $1,500 in medical costs per year for Vet care.

Additionally, a $200 death benefit will be reimbursed to the caregiver upon the death of your pet, to cover burial expenses.

Who Is Eligible for a Furever After Plan?

Any pet owner can apply for a Furever After Plan, some exclusions may apply.

  • People over 75 years of age with a pet less than 5 years old are not eligible for membership.
  • Currently, Pawzpurr only provides certainty of care to dogs and cats in Texas.
    • (Pawzpurr will be expanding in the coming months. Keep checking our website for an updated list of states!)

Feel More Secure About Your Pet’s Future

Rest easy knowing your fur family will continue to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life even after you’re gone. Create your Furever After Plan today.