Pet Trust & Pet Care Planning - Pawzpurr™

Pawzpurr ™ is a trailblazer in pet care. We are dedicated to making sure your pets are properly cared for and attended to without burdening anyone.

When a person dies, limited options exist for the pets that are left behind. Unfortunately, pet insurance and pet care products come to an end when you pass away, leaving your fur family with no guaranteed lifelong wellness, happiness and protection.

Some dedicated pet owners set up a pet trust. But no matter the amount of money left to your fur family member, this option doesn’t give you the ability to leave detailed instructions for your pet's care or offer you security that they will be looked after as per your wishes.

The Pawzpurr ™ team offers a solution and peace of mind to loyal and loving pet owners. Our team of experts and an advisory board will oversee your pet’s continued care when you’re gone.

Our team comprises

Group 6710

Carefully chosen,
licensed veterinarians

Group 6709

Trained Pawzpurr™ Shepherds
(pet care facilitators)

Group 6711

Experienced legal experts

Your pet will have the Pawzpurr™ team in their corner, securing their happiness, well-being and security.
Join us for a guaranteed bright and healthy future for your fur family. Get in touch with us!

Pet Trust & Pet Care Planning - Pawzpurr™

Pet Care Beyond a Lifetime

Pawzpurr™ is a member-only service where Pawzpeople or pet owners like you establish a Furever After Plan (a placement and financial security plan) for your pet’s safety, good health and lifelong care should you pass away.

As animal lovers, we believe responsible pet ownership extends beyond a lifetime – and we’re here to make sure your fur family gets the care they deserve even after you die.

Our Commitment

Pawzitive Care Assurance for Your Fur Family

Many pets end up in shelters or are abandoned when their owners pass away. At Pawzpurr, we are dedicated to continuing the love, care and security you provide to your pets beyond your lifetime. You choose your pet’s new home and we help the new caregiver love them and look after them.

Meet the Pawzpurr™ Team

For Pet Lovers, By Pet Lovers

Pawzpurr™ was founded by a group of pet lovers who understand first-hand the tragedy of pets abandoned after an owner passed away. We provide a comprehensive, reliable and legally binding Furever After Plan designed for your pet’s future care and your peace of mind.

Get to know the Pawzpeople behind Pawzpurr™:

Meet Our Compassionate Leadership

At Pawzpurr™, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to the well-being and security of your beloved pets. Behind our dedication to the certainty of pet care is a dynamic and compassionate leadership team that guides our mission.

Bill has over 25 years of experience as an estate planning attorney in Texas and Hawaii. His expertise is highly sought after, resulting in a successful career where he has helped hundreds of families plan the disposition of their assets, which includes their pets. Bill is board-certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Bill has always had dogs as pets, such as his best friend, Kona.

Pet Trust & Pet Care Planning - Pawzpurr™

Give Your Pet the
Purrfect Legacy of Love

At Pawzpurr™, we prioritize your pet's comfort, safety and well-being just as we would for any other cherished family member.

Gain peace of mind knowing your beloved fur companion will be cherished and taken care of long after you’re gone.